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Kerastase: Are My Dry Hair Days Over?

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The other day I had a spontaneous moment; I decided I wanted to get a perm. Now before you start thinking I'm a crazy person, perms have come along a loooong way since the 80's and they can actually customise the curl to your needs. Which is a good thing seeing as before you had a choice between cork screw curls or..... Cork screw curls! When I got to the salon they told me they wanted to perform a strand test, so I handed over a strand of my hair and returned after 20 minutes to hear the verdict; was my hair in a good enough condition to be able to take the perming treatment? The short answer was no, it wasn't and I was faced with the harsh reality that I had ruined my hair over the last few years with all the bleach I'd put on it. I felt pretty ashamed and also disappointed; it was going to be a while before I was able to hang up the curling irons.

So what did they suggest I did to get my hair back into good condition? I really wasn't up for hot oil treatments and I wanted something that was actually going to work. After a bit of deliberating they recommended a range of products by Kerastase, a brand of salon quality hair products from L'Oreal. Now I'm quite a sceptical person when it comes to recommendations from salons, so I carried out a bit of research of my own. I asked a few of my friends who know their stuff and they all said that Kerastase products were good quality and would certainly improve the quality of my hair, so I decided to invest. I bought 2 products from their "Resistance" range which has been adapted for extremely dry and damaged hair, and 1 product from their "Nutrative" range for normal to dry hair. In total I had 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and 1 deep cleanse hair mask, all for £50. A hell of a lot more than I would normally spend on shampoo and conditioner!

In terms of how and when to use the products, I wash my hair twice a week with the Bain Force Architecte shampoo followed by the Nutritive conditioner. I make sure I comb the conditioner through and leave it in for at least 5-10 minutes (maybe even longer if I'm having a bath). I then use the hair masque once a week, usually on a Sunday. It says to leave it in for 3 minutes but I tend to leave it on for as long as possible. Maybe up to 4 hours? I then rinse out and dry as normal.

So was the result worth the £50 price tag? All in all I'd say yes. I've been using all three products for about 4 weeks now and my hair has definitely improved; it's less dry, less notty and certainly shinier. The only 2 downsides I've noticed are the fact it leaves my hair a little greasier than I'd like, and also the bottles are annoyingly small; I'd expect more product if I'm spending more, not less!

Have you tried any products from the Kerastase range? If you have let me know what you think!

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  1. My regular hairdressers stock some of the products from this brand and I've been sooo tempted to buy them but as you said, they're really pricey. My hair gets pretty dry and knotted I bleach it a lot so this sounds like it would be perfect for me, I may have to do some saving!

    Louise /

    1. I really recommend it, try getting some from Feel Unique it'll be much cheacper than your salon! Let me know what you think if you try some! xx

  2. i love trying different hair products! might have to give a few of these a go :D

    1. I know it's so much fun! I definitely recommend this stuff it's made such a difference to my hair xxx

  3. Looks amazing… great products... I use them daily!
    kisses from Miami,

  4. Man braucht nicht diese Dings, wenn sie hübsch ist :)

  5. i adore that brand! they make awesome hair masks

    from helen at // blog sale

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  6. Amazing post! And I love your blog:)
    I am now following you on Bloglovin, follow me back?:)


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