Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Summer Edit: White and Gold Outfit of the Day

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Summer is officially here people. Get your strap tops out and your shorts ON! I love the warmer months; everywhere you go you can smell barbecues and everyone just seems so much happier. It's amazing what a bit of vitamin D and long nights can do. So with these warmer months finally here to stay (or so we hope!) I thought I'd do a little summer edit; 3 outfits over 3 weeks. First up, this gorgeous maxi skirt and crop top combo!

Gold Maxi Skirt
I picked this up from Bershka a few weeks ago in their sale. I thought it would be perfect for summer parties and evenings out. It's super comfy and the light material really helps keep you cool. I also love the high waist; ideal if you're planning on eating A LOT of burgers and bread at that BBQ next weekend!

White Crop Top
I actually tried to grab another one of these the other day as I can see myself wearing this so much this summer! This little guy is from Primark and although it is quite short, worn with a very high waisted skirt I think it looks really lovely.

White Strappy Wedges
Another Primark find! I've worn these pretty much every day since I bought them. They are super comfy and add a bit of an edge (and height!) To any outfit.

Floral Head Band
I picked this up the other week before heading to see Taylor Swift in Hyde Park for the Barclaycard British Summertime Festival. My sister and I quickly jumped into Claire's Accessories at London Victoria and chose one floral crown/ head band each. I think this adds a really feminine "festival" vibe to this look.

So that's the first of 3 outfit's I'm going to be sharing with you guys over the next few weeks! Let's hope the warm weather holds up!




  1. Stunning outfit - I am definitely heading to Primark now! :)


    Alice x

    1. Thanks Alice! Primark has got some seriously good stuff at the mo! xx

  2. amazing blog post !!

    had a good read

    I love your blog



  3. Hi! I love this outfit! It looks so comfy and super cute! I've been searching for the right sandal and I have been obsessing over those white strappy wedges for a while. You look amazing in them. You have such great fashion sense. I'm just starting out with blogging and it would mean so much to me if you could check it out to see if I'm on the right path?! I love your blog so much!

    1. Thanks Erin, I'll check your blog out for sure. x

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Charlotte! Love your blog by the way :) x

  5. Haha! It really is funny thinking about all of the goodness that a little bit of sun can do for people. I for one feel so much more motivated during the warmer months and up for doing lots more fun-packed things :) As for your outfit, I love your loose 70s style trousers Xx


    1. Me too! I'm on a roll at the moment with all this lovely weather ;) xx

  6. Really awesome post Sophy. The outfit and photography is so on point. Lovin’ the floral headband too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks Helen! I got your message by the way I'm going to read your post when I'm home. Can't wait! xx

  7. so in love with this outfit, especially the headband!

    Alice // Sheer Beautiful // Bloglovin' x

  8. Really great outfit, perfect for this time of year!
    That skirt is such a lovely (and more unusual) colour!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Thanks Rachel! I love the colour it's nice to have something a bit different! x

  9. Such a gorgeous outfit, you look stunning! x

  10. Gorgeous outfit!!! The pictures are stunning too!xx

    Honeypot Blogs


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